Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Potty & A Party

Well we've had quite an exciting week around here this week. We've been gearing up for Lo's third birthday party and had an unexpected surprise from the Potty Training Fairy. Yes that's right! Just in time for her 3rd birthday he showed up!

The other morning Lo woke me up as usual and told me she had to go potty. I was like OK, I jumped out of bed and ran her to the bathroom to find she just went in her pull up. She just missed it. First time she's told me that. Anyways we are getting dressed and she tells me she doesn't want a pull up or a diaper but wants to run around in her birthday suit, her original birthday suit. Butt naked! I told her she would have to use the potty (we put it in the living room) if she was naked and she said OK. I was a bit leery at first thinking of all the wet puddles I'd be stepping in all day unexpectedly but she surprised me. I being the multi-tasker that I am was downstairs in the studio wiring a painting when all of a sudden I heard from upstairs the wonderful music coming from her potty chair!! I ran up and she was jumping up and down saying "I did it Mommy!!!" I have never been more proud to see a cute little bucket with pee in it! She amazed me!! She didn't have any accidents the rest of the day and used the potty on her own without any assistance from me. She even knew to wipe, thanks to her older friends Audrie and Victoria my girlfriend's daughters who both live in different states! LOL Figure that one out! The next big hurdle was #2, I thought this would be bad, I was once again surprised. She told me to get out of the bathroom (by this time she had upgraded to the big potty) so I did and closed the door. I hear her in there talking to herself saying she could do it (so cute!) . PLOP! Little feet running out the door, "Mommy I did it!!" We did a celebration dance and she got the lollipop that was promised to her!! We're officially done with diapers and are now in pull ups, we'll try underwear next week! I'm soo proud of my girl!!!! I guess when you're ready, you're ready. She initiated the whole thing! Just in time for her third birthday too!

Monday is her 3rd birthday. WOW how the time flies!! Today we had her birthday party with family and her little buddies. She was soooo excited to be able to party with them! We had her dressed in her new duds and she looks so big now. Can't believe it. She helped us blow up the balloons with the party in the box deal with a disposable helium tank, so much fun and cheaper than going to the party store! She had her Yo Gabba Gabba themed party as planned and it was great! Here are some photos from the day. Enjoy! We'll be taking her out to dinner for her birthday where they sing you a birthday song. She'll love that!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Not much to say.

Hi there!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas season. I did but I'm glad it's over. I'm ready for Spring! LOL too bad I have to wait awhile, especially up here in the tundra!

Well Lo and I haven't had many adventures lately. We've been trying to get back into routines and also attempted potty training. That still scares me! Gotta try again. Her third birthday is in 2 weeks! YIKES! We're gearing up for her party now. She wants a "Yo Gabba Gabba" themed party. Jason hates the show he thinks it's too trippy but I think it's creative and she loves it. She'll be helping me make favor bags and other things for the party. I'll be sure to post and take photos when we start the prep work.

This morning's adventure was to take off all the Christmas ornaments on the tree so Daddy could put the tree out for garbage pick up tomorrow. We did that and I have little stab marks to prove it. We won't be getting another Blue Spruce for that reason, the horrible needles!! After that she requested tea time with her buddy Buzz Lightyear er... "Mrs. Nesbit" and of course me. We had a little tea party at her tiny little Dora table. I think this will be a daily occurrence while it's in the teens outside. I started feeling sick today, got a little dizzy and really needed her to nap. Did she? No of course not, not the day I needed it. She did make me laugh though when I saw her come down in just a skirt and carrying a dress on a hanger wanting me to put it on her. She then got into my purse and put on 3 different types of lip gloss. Here's the proof. LOL Kids!!!

Our 3 mugs.


Buzz or "Mrs. Nesbit"

Look at those lips! See my purse in the background?

We're very excited about the end of the week because some of our best friends are visiting from Cape Cod!! I haven't seen them since the Spring and J for over a year. Lorelei will have 2 playmates for the weekend!! Audrie and Adrian!! We're super happy! Can't wait to kick back and just hang out and play cards with them. Good friends are hard to come by!! Keep the ones you have close! I'm sure I'll take a ton of photos! Till then! Have a great week if I don't blog again!

Lo & Mama