Monday, February 15, 2010

Cape Cod!

Right before we left - she picked out her outfit! I love it!

WOW it's been awhile since I've blogged on here. Lo and I haven't had many adventures the last month or so until this past week. We've been sick and trying to get over the winter blues. A small town never seems so small until it's Winter time and not much to do with a toddler. Cabin fever is a permanent fixture in our home. Well we kicked out cabin fever last week when Lo and I took a trip to Cape Cod together to stay with my dear friend Lea and her kiddos while her hubby was out of town. Lo had quality play time with her buddies Audrie and Adrian.

The drive both ways went smoothly and the roads were dry the sun out and she slept!!! This kid takes long naps on road trips, it's great!! The way back she slept 3 of the 5 hours. There was lots of play time once we got there including at night when we tried to keep her in her bed in the kiddo's room. It was her first sleep over and it didn't go so well, she thought it was play time at 4 am. UGH! Finally by the end of the trip she got it and was able to sleep in the room with the other 2 kids.

Lea and I got quality time together at night and played with my Wii a lot!! Lea is now a Wii convert! LOL Anyways, we had a great trip but we're glad to be home. Here are some photos from the trip! Enjoy!

Lo teaching Rorie to play the drums.

Princess Time!

Silly Wig!

Lo reading to Adrian, making up the story as she goes.

Lo & Mama

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