Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day one of a new start!

Well my theory of Lorelei being bratty, defiant and horrible because of all my time on the computer was right on the money. Today every time she asked me to play or do something I didn't make an excuse or make her wait a little bit before responding and it paid off in lots of giggles, laughs, hugs and kisses. We had a great day!!

We wrapped presents together, she was my "bow girl" and stuck one on each present for me. We played "Beach" first thing this morning. Daddy brought her beach toys in when he cleaned out the garage the other day. We were making sand castles, playing drums on her buckets, jumping into the water which was my dining room and getting out when it was cold. Lots of giggling from both of us ensued. You can tell she was thrilled to have Mama play these new games with her. We browsed Flickr and searched for the perfect ginger bread house and found it (see above)! I promised her we'd make our own tomorrow! I bought a kit tonight and she's thrilled! The weather is supposed to be nasty but we'll be all set!

Another new thing I did today was tell her about the "Toy Monster". Our neighbor gave us this idea and it really worked!! I told her that she needed to pick up all of her toys because if she didn't the "Toy Monster" would come and take them and think they were his. She jumped right up and picked up everything in site!! LOL She then asked questions as to what he would take. I've never seen her clean up her stuff so fast. LOL She got worried about the vacuum or something and I said he was only interested in her toys. The other part to this is that if she refuses to pick them up, leave them there and put them away (when she's in bed because he only grabs toys at night) and give them a mini holiday from her playing with it. Bring it out a few months later and it will be like a new toy and a nice surprise!

She hasn't been napping since she broke her femur this Summer and got out of the habit so I'm trying to enforce quiet time. Today she complied and watched a movie in our bed while I compiled our grocery list. Setting boundaries is key and she needs them. All in all it was a fabulous day with no attitudes which confirms that I made the right choice last night. That makes me proud!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and supportive words, they really mean a lot and I've taken everything to heart that has been said.

Lo & Mama


  1. Lo you have a fantastic Mama and Daddy - you are one lucky little girl!

    That was really great that you picked up all your toys too so the Toy Monster couldn't get them-makes me proud of you.

    Will you give your Mama a big hug from me and she can give you one from me in return.

    Lots of love and loads of fun.
    Your friend Tedde

  2. AW Thanks Tedde! I'll read it to Lo tomorrow! :)

  3. You know as I was reading this it hit me WHAM!!!! Jonathan, 16 years old, has been acting up lately, not doing homework, being disrespectful to teachers etc. I've had so much going on the last two weeks, was sick and working lots of hours, we missed our usually weekly coffee nights and our Sunday drives. First thing this morning he texted me "Coffee tonight?" I siad tomorrow the roads are going to be bad - I might want to re-think that. His girlfriend texted me too and said he has been a brat to her, I can't beleive after ALL these years that I missed it - he misses his Mom!!!!!! Needs to talk - OMG!!!! I feel horrible - texting him right now - "Coffee tonight - yes!!!!"

    Thanks for sharing - Toni

  4. I think I need attention with my mom too...and I'm 41. LOL! But seriously, we all need one-on-one time with those we value. Someone needs to teach my boss that.


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