Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little off but still great!

I woke up this morning with a start. Not sure why I woke up so fast and jumped out of bed but when I did I realized it was 10:30 am and I hadn't heard a peep from Lo. I went downstairs and noticed that my hubby was on the couch and then I was really confused. Normally he's at work by 7:30. I thought I lost a few days and we were already on Saturday or something. Five minutes later I heard little hands trying to open her door, Lo was up! Jason was home sick with his eye, he has a blocked tear duct at the moment and was in pain. Poor guy. Anyhow I knew that the day would be somewhat off with him home. I'm pretty much chopped liver when Daddy is home. She is a Daddy's girl! BIG TIME!

We ate brunch since it was so late in the day and J and Lo had some quality time together. We woke up to a ton of snow outside which looked gorgeous! Lorelei was soooooo very excited about that and wanted to go play in it. She went sledding down our hill in the back with J for a little bit and came inside when she couldn't feel her fingers. She had mittens on but I can't find the nice, waterproof and extra comfy, warm ones for toddlers. She loved it and was braver than ever going down on her belly at times all by herself. Sledding by herself which she didn't even want to try last year. I took a video and it's here if you'd like to see. So cute! After that I colored my hair!

I promised her we'd make a gingerbread house today and we did. The hardest part was getting her to stop licking the "glue" icing and eating the candy. It's not the best gingerbread house but it is cute and was made with love. Here are some photos.

After that and while I was cooking dinner, Lo and Daddy went back outside and made a little snowman in the back. They came to the door asking for a carrot and something for his eyes. He wasn't a traditional snowman so I gave them black olives for his eyes! LOL He's kind of funky looking so they named him Shrek! LOL So now that she has Shrek outside tomorrow's promise was to watch Shrek with Mama since it's one of my faves. She wanted to tonight but it was too late.

All in all a good day, she was tired, I think from all the snow stuff but she managed to stay crank free most of the day!

Tomorrow's agenda, besides Shrek is to paint her little rocking chair together. :)

Lo & Mama

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  1. Very the video!! I think maybe we got you beat on the snow are we buried!!


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