Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tsatziki & A Rocking Chair

So I've missed a few days on here and I've missed blogging. The last few days have been pretty busy with babysitting, shopping and a surprise birthday party for a friend. Can't say we've had many adventures over the last few days but I'm noticing more and more how much Lo needs us. She's been wanting to do lots of things together with J and I and it's so cute. We ask her what she wants to do and who she wants to do it with and her response is always, "Daddy, Mama & LOLO!" she always exclaims her name at the end. We're a threesome and she knows it!

Lo with her sweet cousins Caden & Corlin
(gotta get rid of that binkie!)

We don't get much adult time and get to go out much but I was very appreciative to my brother and his wife for watching Lorelei. She had quality cousin time last night with her cousin Corlin. They had a blast together. We went to a surprise 50th birthday party for a friend and it was nice to get out for a bit. So we're there enjoying the band, enjoying the food and quality conversation but almost every conversation either started or ended with Lo. Many people remembered her broken leg and were asking how she was doing. I'm amazed at how many people remember our little star. We went to our favorite Greek restaurant tonight and that is where Lorelei took her first steps after her cast was off, it's her favorite too. Anyways I forgot we had the same server tonight until she mentioned how well our girl was doing. She's quite dynamic our little one! Lorelei has been asking for Tsatziki so we took her out for Greek food, our family favorite and we have a great restaurant in town! In Lo's words, "UMMM I LOVE Tsatziki!"

Still haven't painted her rocking chair yet! Hoping to do that tomorrow. Here's a photo of her when I first bought it. Look how small she looks!!

Anyways hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! Will post more adventures during the week. Told ya not much has been going on! :)

Lo & Mama

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