Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Miss Boogers

So our adventure today was keeping the boogies away, I know yucky, right? It must be Winter time with all the lovely germs floating around. Yes that's right little Lo caught a cold and it came with lots of boogies! I'm praying and taking vitamins and colloidal silver to keep the bug away from me. I am feeling run down since my workout today and I'm hoping I'm just tired. Early bed for me tonight!

We had lots of play time today, not taking her out while she's still sick which means cabin fever for me. We did phase one of her rocking chair today. Painted it with gesso and she had so much fun helping me. We turned on iTunes and let the Christmas music play while we painted. She ended up covered in gesso on her arms but had fun getting messy so I was good with it too. She informed me she wanted to paint the chair blue (my favorite color mama!) :) So funny, blue has always been my favorite color even as a girl. I was never a pink lover, it was always blue and sometimes purple too. Makes me smile!

She insisted on bringing down every little tiny character she had in the house today to play with me. "Play with me Mama." was the phrase of the day to which I complied. We had fun together but I had such little energy :( I did manage to get my workout in and a shower so those were my big accomplishments of the day. Actually my biggest was putting stamps on all 70 (yes 70) Christmas cards and getting them in the mail for tomorrow. Not sure why I still send with such a huge list! I must be insane! :)

Anyways besides wiping all the boogies it was a pretty good day. We had fun together. The best was tonight while playing on the floor all 3 of us. I was a boat, Lo was the passenger and Daddy was the motor. To make the boat go they had to hit my behind! LOL Lo kept falling out the boat and then the tickle monster would get her and pull her back in to tickle. Good times! She was having a blast and that's all that matters.

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