Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Nap Juggle

I'm quite happy I'm keeping up with this blog! YAY for me! OK enough cheering and patting myself on the back. On to my real post.

I'm in a quandary. Lorelei pretty much gave up naps during the whole broken femur incident (see first post) and when she gave that up I lost my creative time. She has been sick this week with a cold and I've been encouraging naps or at least rest time so she gets better sooner. Today I was given the 13 yr. old 'tude from my almost 3 year old and decided it was a definite nap time (since she was yawning). She fought for a bit but then it was silent. She was asleep! I could hear the angels singing "HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH!" I had some me time!!! I didn't waste it either. I grabbed a cuppa and got on my trusty Mac and started working on a graphic design project for a client (yes I still do them on occasion). I have been needing some time and haven't had it lately so this was a perfect opportunity. I got it all done. Well she ended up napping about 2 hours which was great, or so I thought. She woke up happy and was glad to see Daddy since he was finally home. FAST FORWARD to bed time and she was in bed by 8:30, not asleep or even close to it. She was wide awake till a little after 10 and she kept getting in and out of bed saying she needed things. UGH! Talk about kink in the night! So my question is this....keep trying to force the naps or give up on them? Usually with no nap she goes to bed early like 7:30-8:30 at times. But she's fussy and cranky around dinner time. If you still have a toddler who is almost 3 what do you do? I'd love some advice!

Enough about naps. (yawn) So phase 2 started on the rocking chair today and I have to say I like it the way it is. I was going to stencil on it and do a pattern but wasn't sure. My mom had a cool idea of doing a "Swirlyville" scene on it which would fit the chair perfectly considering the color it is. I think I might try and do that which means Lo can no longer help me. She LOVES to paint. "Swirlyville" is where I started when I first started doing non-digital art. I sold my original watercolors for TOO cheap on Etsy and they sold like hotcakes! :)

Today Miss Lo asked me to make a pumpkin pie. I'm not a baker by any means. In fact I just barely bought some cookie sheets. LOL I don't have the ingredients to make pumpkin pie other than her Elmo pumpkin. So we decided to roast our own pumpkin seeds. She was so excited and started pulling out all the seeds for me. We cut Elmo's face off to save for a day or two until I can throw it out without her missing him and threw the pumpkin outside for the squirrels to nibble on. The pumpkin seeds were delicious!! She loved them too.

Putting the seeds in a bowl for Mama

She's usually dressed!

About to be baked.

Elmo's Face

All in all it was a good day, managed to get my workout and shower in too! It's the little things right?? Tomorrow we'll be making a little cotton ball snowman together and may go see Santa at the mall just to get out. I have major cabin fever at the moment!! Get me outta here!

Till next time,

Lo & Mama

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  1. I'm obviously way behind on reading blogs. :) My kids stopped napping at different ages. Lukas was still napping at 6, and Ava stopped needing a regular nap when she was 4. However, they are now 8 and (almost) 6, and they still spend 45 minutes of quiet time in their rooms in the afternoon. I need the quiet time. When they were Lo's age, it was a full hour. When they were 4 and 6, I had a routine. I tucked Lukas in and chatted w/him for a few minutes to give him some much needed mama time alone, and then I would tuck Ava in and sing her a few songs. Then I would shut the door, and they had to stay in their rooms during that time. We still do this for the most part, though I sometimes just send them on their own, which I shouldn't. Anyway, I think mamas need the time as well as kiddos. I hope you find something that works for the 2 of you!


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